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Name That Tune

Listed below are alternate titles for well known Christmas songs. Can you guess what they are?

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1) Approach everyone who is steadfast.
2) Ecstasy toward the orb.
3) Hush, the foretelling spirits harmonize
4) Hey, miniscule urban area of southwest Jerusalem.
5) Quiescent nocturnal period.
6) The autocratic troika originating near the ascent of Apollo.
7) The primary carol
8) Embellish the corridors.
9) I'm fantasizing concerning a blanched yuletide.
10) I apprehended my maternal parent osculating with a corpulent unshaven male in crimson disguise.
11) During the time bovine caretakers supervised their charges past midnight.
12) The carnivore comrades.
13) The thing manifested itself at the onset of a transparent day.
14) What offspring abides thus?
15) Removed in a bovine feeding trough.
16) Valentino, roseate proboscisis wapiti.
17) The slight percussionist lad.
18) Father Christmas approaches the metropolis.
19) Seraphim we aurally detected in the stratosphere.
20) Creator, cool it, you kooky cats.
21) My Sole Desire for the Yuletide Season is Receipt of a Pair of Incisors
22) From Dark 'Til Dawn, Soundless and Sanctimonious
23) Celestial Messengers from Splendid Empires
24) The Antlered Guadruped with the Carise Proboscis
25) The Event Occurred at One Minute After 11:59 p.m. with Visibility Unlimited
26) Ornament the Enclosure with Large Sprigs of Berry-Bearing Evergreen
27) Perdonal Hallucinations of Alaoaster December 25th.
28) Anticipation of This Noel's Momentos: Nil
29) Clappered Inverted Cups, Amalgamated
30) Testimony of Witness to Maternal Parent's Infidelity with Kris Kringle
31) In a Distant Bovine Din
32) Universal Election
33) O Miniature Nazarene Village
34) The Approach of the Holiday Commemorating the Birth of Christ is Becoming Eviden
35) Suzanne, The Frigid Drip, Draws Nigh
36) May Jehovah Grant Unto You Hilarious Male's Retirement
37) Those of You Who Are True, Come Here!
38) Are You Detecting the Same Aural Sensations As I Am?
39) The Diminative Male of Less Than Adult Age Who Plays a Percussion Instrument

1. Quadruped with Crimson Proboscis
2. Eight PM to Six AM without noise
3. Minuscule Hamlet in the Near East
4. Ancient Benevolent Monarch
5. Adorn the Vestibule
6. Exuberance Directed to the Planet
7. Listen, Aerial Spirits Announcing
8. Trio of Despots
9. Yonder in the Hay Rack
10. Cherubs Audited from Aloft
11. Assemble, Everyone who Believes
12. Hallowed Post Meridian
13. Phantasm of a Colorless 359th Day
14. Melodious Oscillation of Hollow Metal Objects
15. A Dozen Twenty-four Hour Yule Periods
16. Befell During The Transparent Bewitching Hour
17. Homo Sapien of Crystallized Vapor
18. I desire a Duo of Incisors on December 25th
19. I Spied my Maternal Parent Osculating
20. Perambulating Through a December Solstive Fantasy

The Saint is Arriving in the City
Listen! The Spiritual Beings Bearing News are Emitting Melodious Sounds
The Marvelous Place of the Coldest Season of the Year
May the Lord Make You Happy Fellows
On the Upper Extremity of the Dwelling Place
O Woody Plant of December 25th
Off in a Distance in a Feeding Stall
Jovial Ancient Santa
Elegantly Adorn the Living Room
Which Human Offspring Do We See
Gladness to this Terrestrial Sphere
Hush After Sundown
Small village of Judea
We Are a Trip of Sovereign Male Rulers from the East
The Group Desires that all Present Enjoy am Exhilarating Yule
Clink the Hollow Metallic Instruments

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