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What is RSS?
About RSS
Search RSS News Feeds/Weblogs
RSS/Atom NewsReaders
Android RSS Apps
RSS Feed Creators

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it really is very simple and very useful. RSS is text-based format, a type of XML for content distribution.

When a website has an RSS feed, it is said to be "syndicated." RSS feeds are available free from thousands of news organizations, magazines, newsletters, hobbyists' sites and more. Let’s say you like checking blogs or other news sites daily. Instead of checking all of your favorite blogs each day, all you need to do is use an RSS reader to get all of the updates in one place.

An RSS reader is also called a news aggregator, and that’s what it does: it aggregates recent news, website updates, or blog posts into one spot so that you can read them much more efficiently.

There are many different RSS readers out there. Some are downloaded applications, others are web-based. Either will work fine.


About RSS
  • What is RSS: A tutorial introductions to feeds and aggregators
  • All About RSS
  • Feed Rinse - Filter RSS feeds
  • Feed Icons
  • Add This! - Social Bookmark and Feed Button


    Search RSS News Feeds/Weblogs
  • Feed Notifier - Real-time Popup Notifications for RSS and Atom Feeds
  • Instant RSS Search - RSS Search Tool
  • PLAZOO - The RSS Search Engine for News Feeds and Blogs
  • Rocket News - Breaking News & Weblog search engine
  • - Directory, Software & Articles
  • Easily Find Anything You Want On eBay, Amazon, Etsy, And Craigslist With RSS


    RSS/ATOM NewsReaders (for Windows)

    Desktop RSS News Aggregators .... Web-Based RSS News Readers
    Hybrid RSS Aggregators .... RSS Firefox Extension & Outlook/IE Plug-ins .... Chrome Extensions

    Desktop RSS News Aggregators
  • 4 Tools to Display RSS Feed Updates Directly on Your Windows Desktop
  • 3 best RSS Readers for Windows 8 - Readly, Nextgen & Veen RSS Reader
  • Agent Newsreader
  • AmphetaDesk - syndicated aggregator
  • Awasu
  • CITA RSS Aggregator
  • Deskshare
  • Desktop Google Reader - a very basic reader under development
  • FeedDemon by Bradbury Software - Shutting down July 1, 2013; released 4.5 FREE & no longer linked to Google
  • - Totally FREE & light-weight RSS/ATOM Newsreader
  • Feedroller - show scrolling headlines from your favorite news sites and blogs, directly on your desktop.
  • Headline Viewer
  • MicroPlanet Gravity - Usenet newsreader
  • Omea Reader
  • Pears - three-pane newsfeed (RSS/RDF/Atom) aggregator which caches downloaded feeds for offline use.
  • Raven Reader
  • Popuload - RSS Reader Bar
  • Quite RSS
  • Royal::Read RSS [Really Simple Syndication] posts
  • RSS Bandit - written in .NET Framework and can be stored on a web server
  • RSS Viewer - cross-platform RSS aggregator written in Java
  • RSSOwl - A Java RSS/RDF/Atom newsreader
  • RSS Reader
  • SharpReader
  • Syndirella - .NET Application
  • ThinFeeder - Java RSS aggregator

  • Web-based RSS News Aggregators
  • 5 New RSS Reader Apps for News Feeds and Podcast Subscriptions
  • Bazqux - sets itself apart by showing comments as well as articles.
  • Bloglovin'
  • Comma Feed - Minimalist Google Reader Replacement
  • Feedafever - attempts to point out which items are "hot", meaning popular. Not free.
  • Feedbin.Me - $2 A month: A Google Reader Replacement That May Be Worth $2 Per Month
  • Feedbooster
  • Feediary
  • Feedly - now in the cloud, web based app. No Plug-In needed - Do More with your Feedly RSS Reader
  • Feedspot
  • Flipboard
  • Flowreader
  • Good Noows - A solid online RSS aggregator that offers a wide range of reading layouts
  • gritWire
  • Inoreader
  • Jelly Reader - Offline RSS Reader for Chrome That Syncs to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Kouio - fast, elegant, web-based reader
  • - minimalist RSS reader
  • Multiplux - visual RSS Reader and works as a full web service, designed from ground-up to be as scalable and fast as Google Reader
  • NewsAlloy
  • NewsBlur - personal news reader, also works on Android
  • NetVibes - a social aggregation and dashboarding service
  • The Old Reader - just like the old google reader, only better - GOING PRIVATE
  • Panda
  • Proto Page - Displays RSS feeds as desktop-style widgets in an online, tabbed interface.
  • Reeder - another client app for Google reader with support for iPhone, iPad and Mac
  • Sismics Reader
  • Specific Feeds - Only get the news you’re really interested in.
  • Substack Reader
  • SYFACiL - RSS reader, bookmark manager, and file upload manager with cross-browser support. It also offers an IE toolbar with additional functionality.
  • SyndiFeed
  • Winds
  • Web Reader - multi platform app for reading your feed and it is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and also Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • zFeeder

  • Hybrid RSS Aggregators
    In order to use one of these aggregators you need to run your own HTTP server or a host server that supports PHP and SQL.
  • Feed on Feeds - server side personal RSS & ATOM aggregator
  • Lilina
  • Newspipe
  • RNews
  • Tiny Tiny RSS - free, open-source syncing RSS platform with more features than Google Reader ever had, How to install Tiny Tiny RSS
  • Urchin

  • RSS Mozilla/Firefox Extension & Outlook/IE Plug-Ins
  • Brief - a simple Firefox extension and a very simple RSS reader
  • Habari Xenu - Mozilla/Firefox Extension orginally based on Aggreg8
  • Newsfox for Firefox
  • RSS Popper - add-in for Outlook
  • Bookmarklet for Feedly
  • How to Import Your Google Reader RSS Feeds into Outlook

    Chrome Extensions
  • Feedbro
  • Feeder
  • InoReader - fast RSS reader for the Web
  • RSSly - Dein RSS Reader
  • RSS Subscriptipn Extension (by Google)
  • xonTAB Reader


    Android RSS Apps
  • Feedly
  • Feedmesh
  • FeedMe
  • Flipboard
  • Inoreader
  • Palabre
  • Pocket
  • Podcast Addict
  • RSS Savvy


    RSS Feed Creators
  • FeedBurner
  • Feed for All
  • Feedity - web feeds generator for web pages without an existing syndication format.
  • HitRSS - Web-Based RSS Wizard
  • RSS WebPage Creator
  • RSS Feed Generator Program by List Garden
  • RSS Tutorial - for Content Publishers and Webmasters
  • Feed Validator - for ATOM and RSS
  • How to create an RSS 2.0 Feed
  • Quick Guide to Creating RSS Feeds
  • Kill the Newsletter Converts Newsletter Subscriptions Into RSS Feeds